segunda-feira, 20 de dezembro de 2010

Dark Passenger

This floor beneath me
Trembles and screams,
Closing my eyes so I can’t see
The existing light beams,
The holy light that should purify my sight
And darkness forever fight
Until the day that it dies.
I keep searching for its cries
But they seem to get further and further away,
Longing for that oh so sweet day
That I’ll finally find them,
But this dark passenger…
This dark passenger
It’s nothing but a chaos messenger
Who grows heavier and heavier!

Why me?
Why my body?
Why my soul?
Why does he haunt my core?

I think and I think
But my mind is getting sore,
I feel like I’m about to sink
In this sea of oblivion!

I have a need to kill
And I have to kill this need
Or else this destruction’s seed
Will possess me…

I need vengeance!
I need revenge!
This pure soul I need to sin!
This hard fight I need to win!
Oh… What should I do?
I really, really need you…

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Anónimo disse...

Excelente poema esquizofrénico, It haz my seal of approval

Anónimo disse...

(: gostei