quinta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2010

My love knife...

I can hear his heart
Beating and beating,
This drumming sound
Tears me apart
And makes me feel like a true, blood-seeking hound,
A madman who can’t be put to sleep,
A freak, a creep…
But these chains that keep me bound
Only make it harder and harder
Because it’s beating faster and faster,
I want to be at peace, breathe relief
And since I never liked to grief…
I’d rather do it now
Than wait!
Death, to me, shall bow
Life is a thing I won’t allow,
As I draw my blade that will choose his fate,
But I can’t think straight,
This anxiety is beginning to grow
And I can’t let it overflow…
He doesn’t know I’m here.
Silent. Sly.
I just imagine his expression of fear!
One last breath
And he will die…
He did it! His life has come to an end!
And the first soundless sweep
Draws the ruby blood,
Cut after cut,
Slash after slash,
His evil mouth is now shut,
All happened in a flash.
My knife, that once cried for blood,
That once shouted for gore,
That once screamed for screeches ,
Has broken what she swore once before…
Yet again, to an immature life, we say goodbye,
That makes me feel like someone from up above
And that’s why
You killed me with a knife I call love…

3 comentários:

Ana C. disse...

It is not creepy, baby! Só tem é que se ler até ao fim para se perceber (a) mais uma vez, espetacular! @ *.*

Loooooooooooooooove youuu! <3 :'D

Anónimo disse...

very nice good, creeps me out (y)

Anónimo disse...

Puta que pariu, descobri agora o teu blog e fiquei apaixonado pelos teus textos.