quarta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2010

My somebody is nobody...

They laugh at me
When I say that I have nobody
And that nobody is my key,
A relationship I’m not sorry,
But why can’t they see
That my somebody is, indeed, nobody…
They say that nobody is perfect
And how can I neglect
Such truth
But they say it’s an impossible youth…
They say that nobody loves me
And I, who’s freed from this dark sea,
Passionately agree,
But still they joke around,
Even more when I say
That your voice is a gem I found,
Your eyes are the light in my gray day,
Your soft lips are what keep me bound
To this body, this somebody’s body,
Just to touch nobody…
They say I’m a fool, a clown
To dream such a dull dream,
That in my imagination I’m drowned,
That my thoughts are as scary as banshee’s scream,
So pitiful, so insane,
Even telling that nobody’s name
Is just a space, an infinite void
A reality in which dreams were destroyed..
Oh what a shame,
So lame, such a child’s game…
And in the end
All the things they said burn in nobody’s love flame
Still they don’t know that I have nobody,
Nobody loves me,
Nobody helps me through
Nobody to see reality as I see,
Nobody can be my nobody but you.

2 comentários:

Ana C. disse...

Wow... I wish I was the girl you wrote that to :(
Oh, wait... Nheheheh :b

Simao disse...

Haha, pois pois, e os meus agradecimentos pelo ajuda com o fim épico ficam para os caracóis?
Novamente, e sem querer ser chato, muito gonçalesco (atenção que o corrector automático queria por animalesco XD) e porreiro.

Good job Ghost, good job...XD