sexta-feira, 9 de julho de 2010

White Moon

Lying on your bed,
Cleaned a tear you shed
As the Moon watched us from above
But she just doesn’t understand our love,
Since it’s a book in a language only we can read
Which we calmly turn the pages
Both wishing it’d last for ages,
Yet her jealousy made me bleed,
Made me scream,
Made me cry,
Thinking it was all a bad dream
A nightmare I’d soon wake up next to you
Still the end never draws nigh
Her gaze cut me through,
It’s too dense to heal,
Afraid of the pain I’d soon feel,
I’m too slow to run away,
She gets closer,
My world is getting gray,
She gets closer,
My soul is her prey,
She gets closer,
My senses are starting to decay,
But I can still hear her heart beat
Going faster and faster,
Can’t feel your heat,
The drumming sound grows bigger
And a holy beauty is staring me with snowy eyes,
But it’s too late to say my goodbyes ,
She had already pulled the trigger…

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simao disse...

Nice! Um pouco melodramático e negro demais pro que é usual no happy-go-lucky gonsas mas pronto não mata niguém.

Hélder Medeiros disse...


Ana C. disse...

Uh! Grande poema! À tua frente? o.O nem pensar! ahah continua a passar por lá ;D

Ana C. disse...

Logicamente que continuo a passar, e é bom que continues a escrever! :D Adicionei-te no MSN :b