quarta-feira, 21 de julho de 2010

I will rise when you fall...

The sun rises red
As I walk by the sound of my voice,
Reminding myself that the tears she shed
Were all for me to do the wrong choice…
The sun sets weak
As the floor beneath my feet begins to fall,
Hoping my soul would give a shriek
But I am thrall…
The moon rises pure
As I open my relieved eyes,
For now I am sure
What’s her disguise,
Knowing that she won’t trick me once again
Enough of this pain,
I am now aware
Release me from this soul chain ,
Release me from this despair,
As I shall rise bright and red,
Like my past sun,
My freedom as just begun
All our memories I will shred,
As I shall never fall livid and weak
Like my past sun,
Never leaving a fight undone
For a new love I will seek,
As I shall be unique and pure
Like my past moon,
Her nightmare won’t be done so soon
For now I have found my cure…
And I finally got through this never ending scream,
Pretending it was all a bad dream.

3 comentários:

RaposA disse...

Mt bonito =)
Smp tives.t mt jeit pa poemas

Anónimo disse...

é bem Gonçalo :b

Ana C. disse...

'Ta caramba. Tens jeito, mas bota-me jeito nisso :| muito bem, Gonçalo!