domingo, 4 de julho de 2010

Can't hold it...

Drop after drop,
Slowly poisoned, hoping this breath will be my last,
Still my heart won’t stop
Still the screech won’t break the glass
Still I remember you,
With my lips’ desire
To bring a new fire
With my eyes’ need
To find you within the reed
With my hands calling for
Your graceful face
However my lips are sore,
Torn apart and with no sense of taste
My eyes are a disgrace,
Burned up and with its color erased
My hands are bound to a black void,
Halted and frozen waiting to be destroyed…
Finally, as my vision becomes blurry,
My bosom is getting quiet,
Don’t worry
The beating noise gets distanced,
I’m no longer in a riot,
I’m no longer in a fight,
I’m no longer in fright,
I’m out of air,
As my final breath whispered what I never said before
I love you… But looks like I can’t handle it anymore"

3 comentários:

Vitória disse...

oh *.* está tao lindo =)

Simão disse...

Nice. Tá mesmo a dar-me vontade de escrever também, infelizmente as musas estão mortas e os seus corpos sem vida espalham-se pelo chão. de qualquer maneira espectacular

Hélder Medeiros disse...

tás-lhe a dar ;-)