domingo, 6 de dezembro de 2009

Hide and Love...

When I first looked into your eyes I knew I loved you,
and I'm hoping that you love me too,
and just maybe,
You will go out with me,
because I want you to be mine,
I want you around all the time,
I'm hoping that fate, will make you my soulmate,
and if it does that will be great,
even if it takes long, at least I will have love late,
My love for you is like a river,
every time we touch my soul starts to shiver,
one look at you is more precious than gold,
lets be together and let our story unfold,
You are always on my mind,
You are unique and one of a kind,
I want us to be together,
and not just for a little bit I mean forever,
I always dream about you and me,
walking together along the sea,
your eyes are as brown,
as the night falling down,
You make me flow like a calm ocean,
You're beautiful and you have a sweet emotion,
honestly I don't know what else to say,
except that I'm going to keep loving you everyday,
even if we just stay friends I will be happy,
because you will still be with me,
Just remember,
that I am not a pretender,
all that I write about you,
is always true,
I hope you liked the poem,
because these are feelings that I haven't shown...

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