sexta-feira, 27 de março de 2009

She shed a world...

The silent screams she hears
are enough to make her cry,
just lying there wondering why
she gets devoured by her fears...
The open wounds she shrouds
are enough to make her desire
to just keep on being a good liar,
she merely wants to be yet again from the dying crowds...
She falls into a dream,
the only place where she's sure
but her dreads quickly stream down
and consume everything she has ever dreamt before...
The perfect dream she once had,
has now become her everlasting nightmare
and with it's hateful threads that desperately ensnare,
she grew sad and from her dark eye, a tear was shed...
Shining it was, since from that seed
a new day was born,
and as she woke up she told herself she wouldn't stand anymore
the cries and the wounds that made her bleed...
It's time to face the day
and she hopes she can change it
as she simply runs away,
But it's okay... You're not alone in this maze
Take me with you
And together we shall clear up this haze...

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